J.L.J Service Company
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     The J.L.J. Service Company can fabricate a screw feed system for all ram style Lewis presses. The mechanical aspect of the retro-fit provided by J.L.J. Service Company is the same screw feed system that would have come with a new Lewis Rubber Injection Molding machine from the factory. One of the biggest advantages of the Lewis type Screw Retro-Fit over other types of Screw Retro-Fit kits is that if, for any reason, the screw should breakdown or need to be serviced the screw can be backed off the tower (which is done through the controls) and removed off of the screw sled. Your old existing stockfeeder can be bolted on the side of the screw inject tower (mounting holes are provided) and through the controls system the machine can be switched back to an old style ram machine. Production can continue, while the screw is being serviced.
     The J.L.J. Service Company can provide and design a PLC control system for all models of Lewis Rubber Injection Molding Presses using old relay logic controls. The control system can be implemented in a wide variety of ways from a complete control cabinet replacement to matting the unit in the existing control box. One of the major advantages to the J.L.J. Service Company PLC controls system is that it will mimic the current control system in function, incorporating all the functions currently on the machine, making for an easy transition for both operator and maintenance employees.